Cebu Pacific Air

Cebu Pacific is the largest carrier in the Philippines, operating over 2,200 weekly flights to 37 domestic and 26 international destinations. Their operations include Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and USA.

Services Provided UX & UI Design Design System Prototyping Product Management

The Challenge

To convert Cebu Pacific’s remaining offline users who use physical ticket offices to book tickets through a digital experience, using channels aligned with the brand

The Outcome

A self-service tablet kiosk that will be placed in their ticketing office and a design system that can be translated to multiple online channels

Our Approach


Preparing users for new experiences

Recreating the user flow and interface of Cebu Pacific’s mobile app is a foot-in-the-door strategy that we used to ease users who are not yet comfortable with the digital experience into using the kiosk.


Thinking forward with design

Cebu Pacific’s current branding elements served as building blocks for the design system that we created. Scalable and responsive designs create a consistent look and feel across the different channels that they use.


Seeing work in action

Prototypes are effective storytellers, so we worked closely with Cebu Pacific’s developers to see the product come to life. This was unveiled at Cebu Pacific’s product launch, garnering positive reviews from the press and media.

Breaking barriers together

Over the following year, Make has also served as the UX Agency of Cebu Pacific, improving the UX of their e-commerce platform, creating prototypes for usability testing, and working hand-in-hand with their team in driving innovation for the brand.

Putting things in order

To ensure that designs will remain consistent, we took the initiative to create a design library that details all the necessary styles for all the user interface components.

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